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Over 25 Years of Experience

The specialists working around the clock to produce Handspritt Hand Sanitizer have among them over 25 years of experience. The company is well-positioned in the Scandinavian countries for distribution.


We have now been thriving on the international markets now for almost 10 years, thanks to supreme management, amazing team, and strong partners.

Green Production With the

Cleanest Water in the World

The Handspritt bottling plant strives for environmental sustainability and does its part in protecting and conserving Iceland's natural springs. That's where we get the cleanest water in the world for all of our products. We think of our lovely bottling plant as a clean, green bottling-machine! Nevertheless we are on a constant mission to improve our performance when it comes to nature.

Fair Play

We are extremely proud of our team and very dedicated to making all of our team members feel right in their job. All of our employees are registered and we respect all contracts between them and the unions to the fullest extent.

Permits and Regulations

All of our hand sanitizer products meet the regulations of the European markets and have permits to be distributed and sold across the continent.

In the USA currently, only our 500L and 1000L IBC's are available. The 0,5L and 1L hand sanitizer refill containers are however on the horizon for America!

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